Friday, 30 March 2012

Lush Caca Rouge Henna Hair Dye Review (First ever post!)

I have been dying my hair for years now and often feel guilty about the chemicals I subject it to. The last time I dyed my hair was about 6 weeks ago and it left my hair uncharacteristically dry and damaged. I decided to try henna and see if it was any good at blending my auburn roots with my dyed red hair.
Henna hair dyes are better for your hair as they don’t contain all the nasty chemicals that regular dyes do. There are 4 different Lush Henna hair dyes I chose the Caca Rouge one:
Our Rouge brick is the really red one. Use this if you are after vibrant red tones.’
Because I have a lot of hair I was told I would need to used one and a half bars which meant I had to buy two bars at a not so cheap £7.75 per bar.

The block has to be dissolved in boiling hot water and then applied as soon as possible. Having read some reviews of the product, and just from reading the name itself, I was convinced it was going to stink. I was wrong; the smell was a pleasant herby one. However, it is a very strong scent and did cause my poor, post-migraine self to vomit mid application (sorry for planting that image in your head) so it’s probably worth keeping a window open!
The application itself felt, and looked, like I was smearing fresh cow pat all over my hair. It was unbelievably messy; by the end it was all over my face, my arms, my t shirt, the floor... I definitely recommend covering your face in Valesline and covering the floor in newspaper. I then plonked a Tesco bag on my head and busied myself for 4 hours while it worked its magic.

I'm not squinting, I'm sultry 
I was really happy with the end results. It didn’t dry my hair like regular dye and it gave me lovely shiny locks. I think that saying it gives ‘vibrant red tones’ is pushing it a bit. I’d say the colour is a lot more subtle but it was great for enhancing my already red hair and it blended my roots fairly well. I would recommend this if you fancy adding a copper shine but for a more vibrant colour I’d stick to normal hair dye.