Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Favourites

I love reading people's monthly favourites so I thought it was about time I did one. I have quite a few favourites this month so I apologise for the wordy-ness.

June Favourites 2012

 Neutrogena ultra-light spot treatment moisturiser- I've been using this for over a month now and I'm sure it has reduced the amount of blemishes I've been getting especially on my chin and around my nose.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector- this has cured my dry hands.

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose ETD- I bought this on a bit of a whim because it was half price (£7.50 for 50ml!)  and I'm running low on my beloved Stella by Stella McCartney. I really like the smell; it's a really similar scent to the Benetint lip stain and I've worn it everyday since I bought it.

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask- This is one of the best hair masks I've ever used and I've been using it every wash since I dyed my hair to put some moisture back in my locks.

L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Foundation in Rose Pearl- it's usually hard for me to find a shade light enough that doesn't have a yellow hue but this foundation is the PERFECT shade. It gives medium coverage when used with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and has a lovely satin finish.

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Palette in Good Earth (20)- This palette is ancient and I'd forgotten about it until recently. The colours have more of a pink tone which makes them look really natural on and I've been wearing this instead of my Naked palette recently.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint and Balm in Timeless Tango (120)- I am completely in love with this lip tint. It is soooooo pigmented and lasts for absolutely ages. I didn't realise there was a lip balm on the end until about a week ago (such an idiot) and now I've discovered this I think it is my new holy grail lip stain! I will definitely be buying more colours.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Intense Copper (7.64)- Before and After

Just thought I'd do a super quick post on this for any of you eyeing up this rather intimidating shade...

I really dislike dying my hair because I know I won't like it for a good week post-dye. I hate freshly dyed red hair on me but I love the bright auburn shade that those colours fade to. But my roots were beyond a joke and so, after some not-so-subtle comments from my friends, I took myself off to Boots and purchased two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in the shade Intense Copper.

my unsightly roots
the VERY faded colour I was sporting

The Dye Itself
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Intense Copper (7.64)
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Intense Copper (7.64)

straight after dying, don't look directly at it!

I'd say the colour was very true to the box so no nasty surprises (unlike when I used L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Amber and was left with brown hair- BEWARE!). It has left my hair in good condition and it smelt lovely. Three washes later it is the exact bright auburn colour I was after and I have even been told that it looks like my natural colour! Result! I will definitely be using this shade again.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All Neon Like

Over the last few weeks I have slowly been collecting various neon items. I can't get enough of neon yellow at the moment; it's so bright and summary!

First up are these H&M earrings. I love them sooo much and they only cost £3.99. They're really light too so  they don't hurt your ears, even after hours of wear.

Earrings- H&M (£3.99)

Next is they jazzy hair grip which  is also from H&M. I've been using it in my hair when I'm feeling lazy (which is most of the time now that I am finished for summer).

Hair grip- H&M (£1.99)

Another H&M item! These belts came together and I love how simple they are. I wore the yellow one for my university's media awards.

Two rope belts- H&M (£7.99 I think)

At the media awards. Dress- H&M (yet again)

I am completely in love with this colour. I'm so in love that it doesn't bother me that it takes at least 3 coats for me to be happy with the colour, or that it stains my nails yellow if I don't use a thick base coat. Now that is love.

Nail polish- Barry M in Acid Yellow

I'm not usually a Primark lover but I saw this on the sale rail and made myself join the ridiculously long queue so I could buy it. I love that this dress has such a sporty feel to it.

Dress- Primark (£5.00 on sale)
I think it's safe to say that I will not be getting lost in any crowds this summer.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Craving Pink

When it comes to lipsticks, I am usually a faithful lover of red shades but recently I’ve had wondering eyes and so I splashed out and treated myself to two new pinky colours.

The first one is a Kate Moss one (#20) and is the lipstick of choice of one of my housemates. I tried it. I liked it. I bought it. I got mine on offer from Superdrug for £3.99 instead of £5.49 so it was easier for me to justify my purchase. It’s a very blue toned pink; I’d say its a bold raspberry colour and will be great for warm(ish) summer evenings. It smells nice but doesn't taste great and gives a fairly glossy finish. I only have to re-apply after eating or drinking which is good.

The second is a Sleek one in coral reef (#772). I really like Sleek’s makeup range (I wouldn’t be without their illuminating concealer) but have never tried their lipsticks before. I’d spied this shade a few weeks ago but it was out of stock so I was very happy to finally get my hands on it. It doesn't smell or taste great but I don't really mind that. It feels lovely and balmy and for under £4 it's worth it. It looks very orangey in the picture- it's actually more of a pink with a coral twist. I don't do orange shades; orange hair + orange lips = not great.

Left: Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in #20
Right: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in coral reef #772
Left: Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in #20
Right: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in coral reef #772 
Left: Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in #20
Right: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in coral reef #772
I'm happy with my purchases and both of these will make lovely additions to my ever-growing lipstick family.


I haven't blogged in ages as my laptop broke but I've just bought a new one (sort of- it's about the size of my hand but does the job) so can finally post.

So here's what I've been up to the last month (instagramed and blurry)...

To summarise:
- It was my birthday and I got lovely models own nail varnishes and a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen at the end of this month
- I had exams
- My cousin had a baby (Max) who I went to visit in Bristol
- I ate lots of food
- I went to my university's Media Awards
- I went to Parklife festival and got very muddy

Ahhh now back to blogging...