Monday, 3 September 2012

Tips for Living in Student Halls or a Rented Property

As we're edging closer to the start of a new university year I thought a post on how to jazz up those bland, bland rooms would be useful.

In my first year at university I lived in Halls. My flat was old, rank and had peach coloured walls. I knew I'd never be happy with the room so I went with, what I like to call, 'fuck-it decor'; I covered it in garish posters, Doctor Who bed sheets and topped it off with a rainbow stripped rug. Thankfully, by second year I was living in a lovely little house which was thoughtfully decorated yet bland enough for us to add our own touches. We fell in love with said house and have decided to stay here for our final year making it even more of a home away from home. Let the tour commence...

I struggle MAJORLY with storage and am constantly on the lookout for new space-saver ideas. I have no shelves to put books and files on so these go in the drawers in the base of my bed (out of sight, out of mind).

double clothes rail- for all the shopaholics out there

IKEA canvas divider- a really cheap makeup storage option

everything in its place- face stuff and brushes

everything in its place- eyes, cheeks, lips and face

fits perfectly underneath my stand alone mirror
this picture also aided my discovery of a box of lost panda
biscuits (under my bed). Scccoorreeee!

DIY Touches
I am not at all crafty but even I, with my limited DIY skills and lack of creativity, managed these two customisations. I bought the grass-like rug from IKEA for about £10 and then stitched a few material flowers onto so it looks like I have my own teeny, indoor lawn. I love it. The bedside table is, again, from IKEA and I customised it with a bling-tastic door knob. Eaassssyyyy!

lawn rug

bedside table with crystal door knob

All the Small Things
Some little homely touches that I've added to my room.

fresh flowers (the white gladi is from our garden!)
and lots of 'stuff'

the brick-a-brack shrine

a beaded lizard and a few postcards

wall of nostalgia- you're not a student if you don't have
photos blue-tacked to your wall

Flensted seagull mobile

a very old dream catcher 

And the Rest

for when the kitchen is too far away

IKEA floral bedding, velvet cushions

my favourite family photo, bomb cosmetics candle
and a fringed Argos lamp

boring desk

awesome cotton wool jar, bought from HP studios

So there's my room. And congratulations if you're reading this and didn't die of boredom half way through this ridiculously long post.


  1. I don't have photos blue-tacked to my wall, does that mean I'm not a student?

    1. hahaha I don't have photos on my wall either

      and Mathilde, I love your room! :)

    2. You guys are missing out! And thanks Isabel (:

  2. Tidiest I have EVER seen your room. Round of applause.

    P.S. good post idea

    1. I'm so glad these anally tidy pictures will be preserved by the internet forever!

  3. Aww your little room looks so homely! I'd never guess it was a dorm/rented room! x

    1. Thank you! I prefer it to my room at home, which is unfortunate as I'll only be living here for another year!

  4. These tips are so useful - I'm in love with the double rail idea, how have I never seen that before?! Anyway, lovely blog - I'm your newest follower :) xx