Sunday, 7 October 2012


These pictures were taken at the student shopping night at Eldon Square earlier in the week. I had just come straight from uni after spending 8 hours on my feet in labs (I didn't even have time to eat!) so comfort was definitely my top priority with this outfit. I bought the jacket for £8 from the vintage section at The British Red Cross in Newcastle. When I bought it it had horrendous shoulder pads but I hacked the buggers out as soon as I got home and thankfully it fitted okay without them.

jacket- charity shop | T-shirt dress- H&M | scarf- Zara

lips- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain in 045 Romantic 

*Cue lip balm tangent*
I have been loving this lip balm recently! It's the perfect colour for when I want a red lip but can't be bothered with the maintenance as it fades evenly and you can apply it without a mirror. It's really pigmented and a great dupe if you can't justify paying £16 for a chubby stick. I do however prefer the formula of my chubby- I find it to be more moisturising and I really don't like the menthol scent of the Revlon one but maybe that's just me? 

embroidery detail

shoes- hi top Converse

*Cue Converse tangent*
I am not a trainer person at all and I have been so surprised at the amount of wear I get out of these! I got the black ones with the black soles so that they wouldn't cut my legs off and so that I wouldn't look like I was reverting back to the days when "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was my favourite album. They go with everything and they're so comfy! Who'd have thought it!


  1. I really like your blazer, charity shops seem to full of great bargains lately. My flatmate came home yesterday with with a coat from Topshop that she picked up for £10 from Oxfam (I was very jealous!) xx

    1. There's nothing better than finding a good charity shop bargain!

  2. You look beautiful here, your hair such a brilliant colour, I'm assuming it's natural?
    Thanks for following me! Glad I found your blog. Cool coat! xx