Saturday, 24 November 2012

Recent High Street Buys

I was in London last week so I got to have a look round a few shops that we don't have up north. I was a bit pushed for time so I mainly targeted Uniqlo and Forever 21 because they're nice and cheap and, after paying for the train from Newcastle to London, cheap was all I could afford.

I fell in love with the style of this blouse as soon as I saw it. I then spent a further 15 minutes deciding on what print I wanted it in, trying really hard to convince myself that I didn't need one of each. I just love Orla Kiely patterns so much! I finally settled on this one and I can't stop wearing it!

Orla Kiely for Uniqlo blouse- £19.90

Any piece of clothing that looks like it could have originally been a pair of curtains is a winner in my books. I went through a lot of effort to get these shorts as they were on a really high rail and I'm a short ass, but I couldn't resist the pattern, or the price.

Forever 21 shorts- £16.75

I thought this was going to be an impulse buy that I never wore but I'm pleased to announce that I have worn it a few times since I bought it and it's very flattering. You can't tell on this picture (I'm camera-less at the minute so I'm having to use my phone) but that material has a bobble pattern to it which makes it look a lot more expensive.

Primark skirt- £5 (sale)
I'm sure you've all seen this cut-out shoulder dress in various prints, every time I go in they seem to have it in a new colour but this one is by far the nicest one I've seen. It's what I imagine Buckingham Palace's gardens look like in spring, on a picturesque sunny day as The Queen walks through and exclaims that these are the most beautiful flowers she's ever seen. But in a dress!

Topshop dress- £25 (sale)